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Windy map

Yesterday morning I was able to map 3 fields covering over 100 acres for area calculations in some very high winds. Results came in surprisingly great considering the winds.

Property lines

People always ask me if I can find property lines. If I have boundaries to work off of I can. If I have latitude and longitude gps coordinates of the corner pegs then I can as well. However these would be estimated lines within a few feet and are not survey grade accuracy. I can…

New drone laws in effect June 1st 2019

All drones over 250 grams require a licence to fly as well as registration of your drone. Fines for individuals up to $1,000 for flying without a drone pilot certificate up to $1,000 for flying unregistered or unmarked drones up to $1,000 for flying where you are not allowed up to $3,000 for putting aircraft…