Why risk climbing to great heights to do inspections when you can safely and quickly inspect an area with a drone. From houses to towers we can do the job!

A Drone friend of mine has a great story from Alberta. A company who normally would shut down an exhaust stack to do an inspection decided to hire him to fly his drone up and take a look. Within a short time he’s able to fly up there and show the results live to the company while they explain where exactly they want to inspect. A few minutes later he’s landed and they have high-quality images

Normally that company would have to shut down their plant to cool off that exhaust stack and then send someone up in a high-risk situation as well as costing them a pile of money of downtime.

This steep pitched roof is not very accessible. It is pretty risky to get up here and do maintenance or inspections. With a Drone you could safely and quickly inspect hard to get areas.